Hello!  Welcome to The Curvy Eggplant, a Holistic Health & Counseling Business in the make.  I have partnered with Josephine Meals for now as a Home Chef/Cook in the NE Seattle area.  If you happen to be in this area, please take a look at my meals at the following link:


Soup, healthy, Gluten-free, minerals, vitamins, spices

Tuscan/Thai “Feel Good Soup”

Just order online, and pickup that evening 5-7pm.  For this who are not, perhaps pictures will do for now.  I am working to parlay this experience as a Chef/Cook again (as well as my other cook/Chef experience) into something I can offer under my business name The Curvy Eggplant, as well as FT Live videos, youtube videos, podcasts, email programs, recipes, some private cooking instruction, and ebooks. I might parlay into working as a personal Chef and maybe for small private events, but on a very flexible basis as I value flexibility in my life.



I have survived what I would call “odd” health issues the past three years relating to adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid (borderline) (in Ayurvedic terms, dosha imbalances-all three) and it seems that this is quite common mostly in women who are entering the middle years.  It’s as if time catches up with you for all the toxins you placed in your body through the years; the body (namely the Liver at most) can only take so much.  Normally you might start to see these health issues when you go through some “triggers” in life such as another or a bad case of food poisoning, cycling off your gluten free diet (and you gut still hasn’t healed), eating too much of certain types of foods (such as too many soybeans), an increase in stress in life such as money trials, death, divorce, career woes, working under a sociopathic supervisor, etc., toxins entering the body from improperly removed amalgam fillings or excessive overthinking.