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A bit about my background:

"Violetta" Wendy Myers

“Violetta” Wendy Myers

I am a multi-talented renaissance type person with many interests; therefore my life’s endeavor is to envision,combine and plan these interests in the most efficient way possible.  When just a child, I started preparing meals for family and friends when I grew older – creating wonderful great tasting organic holistic meals based on whole foods, mostly plants with limited meat, more fish/seafood, and small amounts of cheese, eggs and acidic foods overall.  One message I’d like people to learn is that Healthy organic food can also be prepared with simple yet high quality ingredients – it doesn’t have to take all night. In fact many dishes can be prepared in less than 20 minutes and many have only 3 or 4 ingredients.  Look to Mediterranean cuisine for examples of high quality recipes based on perhaps 3-5 ingredients.  Sautéed spinach with olive oil, garlic, raisins, lemon juice, and pine nuts comes to mind.

I grew up in several different locations which included Scotland for four years, Azores (Terceria Island, Lages AFB), Maine (2 different locations-Milbridge & Winter Harbor), and rural west (not W. VA) (Harrisonburg area) Virginia. Let’s just say I am a “citizen of the world.” I’ve also lived as an adult in many locations including Stuttgart, Germany (4 years), Sarajevo, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, and Washington state. From my center point in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, I travelled all over the continent (not everywhere, but many different countries) as well as Vietnam and Guam in the Southeast Asian continent area.

I’ve loved to create meals since I was a child; somehow wrangling kitchen space to make my cinnamon; buns and gingerbread house (out of the kit I bought my mother to make, lol). Thanks to my love of travel, my sense of curiosity, and my desire to try an assortment of ethnic dishes, I’ve experimented with and created many ethnic dishes based on the ones I’ve tasted in my travels which have all influenced the type of dishes I make.

To build upon my curiosity and passion to create wonderful great tasting food, I started to take an interest in healthy organic cuisine in the mid 2000’s, mostly as I like to have a lot of energy to feel and look better. Health is not absence of disease.  Health is about feeling full of energy and vitality.   I admit, I’m one those “research hounds” like others I’ve come across researching studies, articles, and interviews on the internet.  And just like them, I love to research, explain, and share information I’ve learned about health with others, especially if I’ve had related health issues I’ve been tackling or resolved.  Although, I was a bit despondent at first to find others like me who were so passionate about health research (may sound odd, but I suppose I looked at it as “competition”), I realized we are all on the same team – to help heal other people.  I analyze both scientific as well as case studies.  Personal experience and interviews are also other credible forms of information.

Around the 2012/13 time frame after dealing with yet again, another experience with general harassment (bullying in the workplace) & gas lighting on a tour/mission downrange, I made up my mind to focus on my career goals and decided that one of them was to share with readers, culinary skills & information, all holistic lifestyle information which encompasses-spirtual, emotional, energy, nutrition, and mental health, advise others as an Energetic Health Coach as well as eventually a Holistic Counselor.  I’m what you would call a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and because I didn’t have strong emotional boundaries over the past years, I picked up and felt deeply the negative emotions of toxic people around me.  I’ve changed since then and am very much aware of boundaries – this is one area I would also like to help people in.  If you feel anyone invalidates your feelings and disrespects you, this is an example of emotional boundary crossing.

As of this past 2016 year until July, I was enrolled in an Industrial Organizational Psychology (IOP) Masters degree program with SNHU but have since transferred with a Project Management certificate to a hybrid school local campus here in Seattle area – Saybrook University in order to complete a Masters in Clinical Psychology so that I can at least work with a License and add my other holistic healing skills to the treatment options I have available for patients.   As an IOP, you are not eligible sit for an exam in order to earn a License until you earn your PhD and even then, you are working for corporations and not the people which goes against my values.

Eventually after another two years to complete (along with Internship in that two years with Saybrook), if accepted, I will be moving and attending German University in GE (hopefully the School of Mind & Brain in Berlin) to earn my PhD.   It might seem a waste of time since none of my classes studying for IOP will transfer, but I feel at least it will be a basis and background for all the classes I will complete at Saybrook.   I also very much enjoy creating healthy great tasting food and in order to improve my culinary skills as well as to perhaps help others with this, I completed a culinary arts certificate (9 months) with Le Cordon Bleu in 2014.

In order to become a Holistic Energetic Coach, I’ve enrolled in a program at Energetic Health Institute (EHI) (based in LA) that encompasses ayurvedic, functional, and eastern medicinal, lifestyle guidelines for healing, improving health, and maintaining yin/yang balance.  They teach us to focus on finding the root cause of both psychological & phsiological issues.  After completing the courses I will be sitting for the exam board in order to become National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) certified Holistic Nutritionist practitioner.

Further Thoughts & Info……

Life is short, so make sure everything you put in your mouth has value, nutrient and taste wise. Unconventional wisdom posits life is too long – that is, too long to be eating the same boring processed or takeout meals every week, too long to ignore nutrient needs of the body, and too long to waste your taste buds on subpar foods.

My Goal w/Chef Aspect of The Curvy Eggplant (& w/Josephine)….

My goal is to focus on & cater to those who appreciate fresh organic meals from around the world. I try to spice it up a bit and introduce different cuisines from ethnic localities (as I hate routine myself in anything in life) as well as create fusion dishes and lastly, I like to combine different ethnic dishes in one meal (say – a greek salad and a German dish for example).

Culinary School & Experience….

Professionally, I’ve graduated from Le Cordon Bleu (Seattle branch in Tukwila, 2014 Spring) and have since worked in the culinary industry as both an assistant Personal Chef and as a Catering Event Chef & Prep cook for three years as of June of 2016.

My Goal for The Curvy Eggplant and What I Can Offer You…..

This holistic cuisine/health/psychology business (The Curvy Eggplant) has been “hold” for two-three years due to some adrenal fatigue related issues I’ve had myself, but now I am recovering as well as working to clarify my goals/services on this business which likely will include training others in home classes on techniques, recipes, hosting healthy/organic meal shopping excursions, teaching others how to make say 5 dishes from one ingredient (such as Eggplant), and hosting workshops and or presentations as well as offering ebooks, counseling programs, and nutrition advice. Eventually I will offer health psychology (Integrative/energy/foods, emotion  & spirituality focused) counseling via FT & Skype and in person as well.  Look for new blogs here soon on the site:

DOCUMENTARY Recommendations & Helpful Books….

NOTE: I recommend a few documentaries and books that will open your eyes and provide logical data that shows and proves how the modern Western diet is continuing to makes us sicker and sicker.  I would not trust sites such as “quack watch” which are run by those in the Pharmaceutical and mainstream medical industry whose interests are to quell any other approach besides procedures and more drugs.


The Gerson Miracle, The Future of Food, Forks over Knives, Food Matters, Food Inc.,Chow Down.



The Power of the Subconscious MindWheat Belly, Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating, The Omnivore’s Dilemma,   Linda Page’s Healthy Healing, Ayurvedic Medicine: The Principals of Traditional Practice, Creation: Remarkable Evidence of God’s Design

APPCALe Cordon Bleu

Vet owned


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